The series is a 1960's space version of the "Swiss Family Robinson" that seeks to colonize another world but finds itself off course and unable to return to Earth. This was an era in which overpopulation was seriously considered as a future certainty and the Robinsons were volunteers to leave Earth to make a life elsewhere.

May 14, 2014 Bonanza: A Place to Hide | TV Database Wiki | Fandom "A Place to Hide" Series Bonanza Season 13, Episode 24 250px Airdate March 19th, 1972 Writer Ward Hawkins Director William Dario Faralla Producer David Dotort; Thomas Thompson Starring Lorne Greene; Pernell Roberts; Dan Blocker; Michael Landon Navigation Previous "The Younger Brothers' Younger No Place To Hide (1992) - Video Detective - TV Shows No Place to Hide is a 1993 American detective film written and directed by Richard Danus and starring Kris Kristofferson. The film was notable for an early appearance by Drew Barrymore in the central role of a murdered ballerina (Lydie Denier)'s younger sister. S12E19: No Place to Hide - ER Soundtrack | Tunefind

TV-PG. Crime. Drama. FBI agents in Seattle focus on a series of bank robberies. S06:E07 - The Perfect Heist No Place to Hide. A nocturnal killer preys on

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Sep 16, 1959

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