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To set up the VPN connection: Open the Activities overview and start typing Network. Click on Network to open the panel. At the bottom of the list on the left, click the + button to add a new connection. How to Set Up an IKEv2 VPN Server with StrongSwan on Jun 22, 2020

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First of all, download [ VPN editor] from the OpenStore. This adds more detailed control to the settings, to enable easy setup. Hopefully these improvements will be integrated into the Settings panel of Ubuntu Touch some time in the near future. How to quickly set up your own VPN on Amazon EC2 instance We’ll use Ubuntu because that’s easy to configure and its scripts are easily available. Then hit next and configure the security group for your instance. In security group, add a Rule for HTTPs/TCP/UDP traffic at port where you want your VPN server to listen on, e.g, HTTPS:443 or UDP:1194. Then create a keypair or choose from existing keypairs. How to Install OpenVPN Server on Ubuntu 18.04 & 16.04 Feb 27, 2020