Aug 20, 2019 · Want to hide menu items? A lot of times, when you're building a membership site, you set up your navigation regardless of your membership offerings. You do this because every link in your menu routes people back to your signup page. This is a natural consequence of having pages that are protected in your main menu.

This plugin adds a tiny hide button next to the sidebar. Context menu positioning problem is fixed Rails 5.2.2, bundler 2.0.1 with RedmineUP Circle theme Jul 15, 2009 · Adaptivetheme for Drupal 8 is a base theme designed for people who don’t code, or for those who only want to write a bit of CSS but still want a sleek and sophisticated theme for todays mobile web - and beyond. Use the AT Generator module (included in AT Tools) to generate unlimited themes, clones of themes, and even skin themes. You never interact with Adaptivetheme (at_core) directly, it Jun 08, 2020 · X-Plane has been written to operate on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux systems. For consistency’s sake, the layout and appearance of X‑Plane is the same across all three operating systems. Here are a few pointers to aid in the learning process: X-Plane’s menu is hidden. To access the menu bar, move the mouse pointer to the top of the screen. Schema is the fastest loading, ultra-SEO friendly WordPress theme. Featuring all the best MyThemeShop features, including our custom options panel, all our shortcodes and widgets, and a pixel perfect design, Schema also includes rich snippets in order to help search engines your site and rank you higher. CrystalClear Interface (CCI) is a gorgeous user interface for Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6, designed for those who think completely different. CCI is a fully realized theming tool for customizing your Mac's natural beauty, giving users the ability to customize window color, transparency, and style.

I m using a one page theme. I would like to disable or choose not to show the menu on the home page. But when user scrolls down to the next page the menu should become fixed. I have removed the menu from the home page now, however i'm not able to get the menu to be fixed on top for the other pages. Please advice.

I want to hide the top menu bar in all pages in my site running Storefront theme. I have tried all suggestions given under relevant threads in the forum but nothing worked so far. Advise me and relieve me from this headache please.

Apr 17, 2014 · How to add/edit top menu items in x theme wordpress - Duration: 1:22. WordpressSEOdev 1,207 views. 1:22. Navigation for Single Page Applications - Duration: 1:03:33.

Hi there, thank you for this great theme!! Is there is possibility to hide the search icon in the menu? I have tried the plugin “Disable Search”, but unfortunately you can still see the search icon (search form) in the menu. Oct 02, 2015 · Hi. I just install WP Responsive Menu Plugin and i want to hide the main menu on the main page of my mobile site (The 3 bars icons menu). Is there a way to do that without make disapear the Plugin menu ? Thanks a lot. UberMenu integrates nicely with X for the desktop menu, but to prevent the theme from interfering when it comes to the mobile menu, we’ll need to use manual integration. Integrating UberMenu Manually X Theme uses a nice system of templates, which makes integrating UberMenu in a child theme very easy. 1. Create and activate a child theme X Theme Version 4 X Theme Version 3 Download, install